In our country there is an increasing demand for fast and urgent loan money without a pledge, no guarantors and no guarantors with fast and easy application. Loan granting is a two-way process that creates contractual relationships between banks or financial companies and borrowers. See for an illustration

In the course of loan repayment, it is possible to coincide with circumstances – sometimes objective reasons prevent rhythmic redemption, force majeure leads to arrears and suspension of debt. In order to reduce the risk to the creditor, in this situation, he seeks to secure his claim.

Bets provide protection for banks and financial companies in case of bankruptcy of their debtors. Bets can be set up on fixed tangible assets – machines, equipment, equipment, means of transport, account deposits, cash transferred to a wage bill or other income, receivables from third parties, dematerialized securities, other valuables, finished goods, goods in turnover, company shares, registered trademarks, industrial designs and others.

The borrower may use the pledge in its business with the care of the good owner, and the creditor is entitled to check its status.

The formation of a bet is a guarantee of a return on the due money. When you draw a credit, you are not always able to make a suitable bet. Therefore, we will offer to your attention the provision of money on a loan without a pledge of financial companies for fast loans and banks.


UniCredit Bulbank – “Fast Credit”

  • Loan without collateral, no bets .
  • Credit without transfer of salary.
  • No guarantor.
  • Currency BGN, size 500 to 10000, repayment term from 3 to 72 months.
  • Apply online, by phone or in a convenient branch of the bank, with an ID card only, get a response within 2 hours.
  • Online fast credit from banks with a fixed interest rate for the entire loan period, the amount of the interest depends on the amount of the amount and the term for repayment.
  • Fees according to the bank’s tariff.
  • There is a possibility to take out insurance with an insurer partner of the bank.

United Bulgarian Bank – Consumer loan with fixed interest rate

  • Emergency loan money without pledge and no collateral.
  • Loan without transfer of salary.
  • Loan without guarantor .
  • Amount of 500 to 20000 BGN , repayment term from 6 to 60 months.
  • Quick and easy application.
  • Fixed interest rate for the entire loan period.
  • There is no application fee, there is a credit assessment fee, and there is a prepayment fee for the loan servicing account.
  • Repayment of the loan – in equal monthly installments, you can also use UBB ATM for this purpose.
  • There is a possibility to take out “Credit protection”.

TBI Bank – Credit quick money

  • Loan without guarantors, guarantees and bets.
  • Amount of 300 to 10000 BGN, repayment term from 3 to 36 months.
  • Minimum documents and quick access to cash.
  • Apply online, by phone or in a convenient office.
  • Extinguish all known ways.


  • Without guarantors , guarantors or bets, you do not need to prove your income, you do not have to work on a contract of employment.
  • An amount of 50 to 1 300 BGN, a repayment period of 30 days, you may extend the time limit, you may withdraw an additional amount.
  • Approve up to 15 minutes and you will receive the money immediately by bank transfer or at Easy Money – Fast EASYPAY Credit .
  • Online credit terms: 19 years of age, provide the required information and meet the minimum credit requirements.
  • Every first loan is completely free – up to $ 400, return period of 5 to 30 days, return as much as you’ve taken.
  • There are no application and absorption fees, no fees and commissions for early repayment.
  • Individual conditions and special discounts for the right customers, working hours 7 days a week, holiday and holiday days.

Micro Credit – CrediHome

  • An amount of BGN 200 to BGN 3,000, repayment term from 9 to 48 weeks or from 3 to 12 months.
  • Loan only against an ID card, without requiring collateral, bets or guarantors.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age, there is no age limit, you do not need to prove income.
  • Apply through an online request, by phone and at a company office.
  • Receive cash, pay the loan to a credit consultant, an office or a bank transfer.
  • Fixed interest and equal repayments.
  • Service by a personal credit consultant.

BNP Paribas – Credit for personal purposes

  • Money on a non-pledged loan from BGN 800 to BGN 30000, repayment term from 6 to 84 months in equal repayments.
  • No pledges or pledges are required.
  • Easy online loans with fixed interest rates for the entire loan period.
  • There are no hidden fees and commissions, there is a commitment fee.
  • There is an online credit calculator to make your calculations and be aware in advance of the amounts due.
  • Ways of repayment – free of charge with CashCerminal, via an ATM, affiliated banks, cashier in EasyPay and others.
  • You can make insurance: “Protection of payments”, for unwanted events and difficult moments.