As a worker, you have the right to obtain a home. This right must be made before the National Housing Fund for Workers (Infonavit), do you know the process? Here we indicate it to you.

The Institute of the National Fund for Housing for Workers (Infonavit), is a tripartite institution founded on April 21, 1972 composed of government, companies and workers.

The main purpose of Infonavit is to grant loans to workers, to obtain housing , in addition to granting savings income , which is maintained in the National Housing Fund for Retirement Pensions .

The Housing Fund administered by the Institute, consists of the contributions made by the employers , which correspond to 5% of the base salary of the workers.

Derived from the above, if you have already spent time working formally for one or several companies and they have made contributions to the Housing Fund, you may be able to apply for an Infonavit loan to purchase a home.

In general terms, this is the procedure to apply for your Infonavit credit:

In general terms, this is the procedure to apply for your Infonavit credit:

A) First of all, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a beneficiary of the Infonavit with current employment relationship.
  • Count with 116 points.
  • Answer the questionnaire “Personalized Counseling Infonavit” entering with your social security number so that you receive personalized advice on the best way to use your credit.
  • Take the online workshop “Know to decide”.
  • Provide the data of two personal references.
  • Comply with what the Green Mortgage program establishes, with respect to the installation of water, electricity and gas saving accessories, which will be paid with the amount of additional credit that will be granted, if applicable.
  • When registering your credit you will receive a format to consult your data in the credit information societies, which you must sign.

B) Check the Infonavit portal, creating a personal account, your prequalification to know if you comply with the following:

  • The points you have (minimum 116) to process your credit.
  • The savings you have in the Housing Subaccount and what amount would be added to the credit.
  • Your credit amount
  • How much would you be deducted for the costs of titling, financial and operation.
  • The monthly discount that the company for which you work will make you.

C) Collect the following documentation to form the file :

D) Register your application at the nearest Infonavit service office once the aforementioned documentation has been collected.

E) Once the Infonavit authorizes the credit , a notary public must be chosen, and deliver the documentation described above to formalize the process . It is recommended that you inform about the efficiency of the notaries, in relation to this procedure, information that is available in the Infonavit portal itself.

F) Print your Discount Retention Notice once you have your credit number, enter the Infonavit portal with your personal account and print your Discount Retention Notice , which you must take to the company where you work to be stamped. and sign.

G) Submit the retention notice on the day of the signature of your deed . Finally, the delivery of this notice must be done the day you sign your deed, the Notice of Withholding of Discounts must be signed and stamped by the company where you work . Based on this document will be made the discounts via payroll and will also serve you in the future if you change jobs, if you have to sign a restructuring of your credit or when you finish paying your mortgage or if you want to cancel .

Once the term of the loan has ended and the corresponding payments have been made through the discounts that the company or companies for which you work through the payroll have done, the mortgage on the home that is in favor of the Infonavit can be released . You will have to go again with a notary to request this release before the Institute and that the corresponding deed is obtained, manifesting this situation so that the process of the purchase of the house is finally concluded , leaving the title of property of the house in your name .