An important and irrevocable condition for the granting of loans is the income of the borrowers. But for some people, it is hard to prove it already on the market. emergency loans without a labor contract and fast loans without proof of income in Sofia and other cities in the country. On this page we will introduce you to the most famous companies in our capital, who provide credit without income in an office or online. An assessment at

Generally, when you withdraw credit, most financial institutions require income. Income must be regular, permanent, proofable. Evidence of the amount of income is the certificates or official notes issued by employers on special forms – forms, signed, stamped and displayed with an outgoing number.

The receipt of income relates to the determination of the amount of the repayment installments and their maturity date. Normally there is also a ratio requirement: income / repayment installment. The presence of proven earnings is a kind of guarantee to creditors, their risk of non-repayment of loans is minimized.

In the credit market, in the presence of large competition of financial companies, there are those who grant an emergency and fast credit without proof of income. Logically and naturally, most loans are to be found on the territory of Sofia. This is not only because the population of the capital is numerous, but also for various economic reasons.

When receiving quick credits without proof of income, pay attention to some unquestionable factors that we have commented on and another time – the company you are applying for is legitimate, is registered, has up-to-date certificates, the amount of interest / it may be higher /, collateral for loans – whether additional (mortgage, promissory note), fees, commissions, additional costs and other requirements and conditions are required. We will look at proposals from financial companies that grant fast loans without proof of income in Sofia.

Free Loan

Free Loan

  • Loans without the need to have proven income, you may be out of work or have no declared earnings.
  • Easy credit from an authorized international company located in excellent communications with financial institutions in our country, based in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.
  • Loan without limit, credits without proof of income in Sofia and all Bulgarian cities, regardless of the social status, for all adult Bulgarian citizens – credit for unemployed , on maternity leave, loans for pensioners , self-employed.
  • In case of urgent need to borrow – money on the same day – amount up to 700 BGN, repayment term up to 45 days.
  • There are no application and money transfer fees.
  • No collateral is required, no guarantors, no promissory note.
  • You apply for a loan online by filling in an application, your application is considered immediately, after approval you send the JMC to confirm the loan and the amount is transferred immediately by bank transfer / the transfer can be with you for less than 5 minutes / cashier in Easeppe.

Micro Credit – Credi Home

Micro Credit - Credi Home

  • Loans without proof of income in Sofia and without employment contract.
  • Credit against identity card only , for 18 years Bulgarian citizens, without age limit.
  • Flexible loan from a licensed company – Micro Credit AD, headquartered in Sofia, registered with the Central Credit Register of the Bulgarian National Bank, personal data administrator under the Personal Data Protection Act – your personal information is protected and preserved according to the requirements.
  • Loan without collateral, no guarantors, no mortgage.
  • Loan amount from 200 to 3,000 BGN, repayment term from 9 to 48 weeks, or from 3 to 12 months.
  • Ways to apply – online 24 hours a day, by calling the national telephone or an office of the company.
  • Individual competent counseling and personal courtesy of a personal credit consultant.
  • Take cash – quickly and conveniently.
  • The interest is fixed for the entire period of the loan depends on the amount withdrawn and the return period.
  • Repayment is equal to weekly or monthly installments, you choose a day of the week or a month of the month, you have an individual repayment plan.
  • Ways of redemption – by bank transfer, at an office in the company, or you pay at a convenient time and in a convenient place to your credit consultant.
  • You may issue a Credit Liability Certificate if you need it.

Cash cache


  • Financial company with an innovative model of work.
  • Approval for up to 6 minutes and a personal offer for each client, you receive the cash or a bank account.
  • Credit products – Cash per day from BGN 100 to BGN 399, you choose the repayment time within 30 days, Cache credit – Credit line from 200 to 2 000 BGN, repayment term from 1 to 18 months.
  • Conditions for granting – Bulgarian citizens 18 years of age, regardless of social status, family situation, no proof of income is necessary.
  • A simplified application procedure can be done online or in an office of the company.
  • Loans are provided against collateral – for credit line – 2 individuals guarantors or bank guarantee up to 5 days after the signing of the contract and the utilization of the money, for cash per day – 1 individual guarantor or bank guarantee up to 24 hours after signing the contract and absorption of the loan.
  • Guarantors must be approved to work for an indefinite employment contract, and everyone must receive at least 1 500 BGN gross monthly salary.
  • The bank guarantee must be only from a bank approved by the lender. The fee is deferred and paid together with the monthly repayment installment.
  • Loans without proof of income in Sofia and other cities without application and utilization fees, there are no fees for early repayment.
  • Regulated fixed interest only for the period of money use.
  • Repayment of equal monthly installments.
  • Ways of returning the loans – by bank transfer, at the office of the company, at Lafka, at Cash Terminal, in the office of EasyPay.
  • If you have repaid over 70% of your current loan, you can refinance your credit.
  • Detailed information about the questions you may be interested in can also be found on a free phone, on the site or in the office of the company, also on past or current loans.

Note: Before withdrawing any quick credit, carefully read the contract and all the clauses on it. Be informed in advance what exactly is the amount of interest, what exactly is the final amount that you have to repay and what are all the fees. Be careful and pay attention to the fine print.